SEAVFC 2018 Finalists


CAMBODIA HOSTS 3RD Southeast Asia Video festival for Children

Cambodia has accepted the challenge to host the 2019 Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children. The Festival Director for the 3rd SEAVFC is Chhay Bora, a noted filmmaker in Cambodia.

2nd SEAVFC in Manila

The Philippines hosted another successful staging of the Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children.

Held in Manila on November 22-24, 2018, the event was well attended by representatives from the ten member-countries of Southeast Asia – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Prix Jeunesse Suitcase by Kirsten Schneid

Prix Jeunesse International’s festival and project coordinator, Ms. Kirsten Schneid, came all the way from Munich, Germany to hold her talk session “Prix Jeunesse Suitcase” on the first day of the 2nd Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children.

Livi Zheng Shares How to be a Successful Video Director

Acclaimed film director Livi Zheng discussed “How to be a Successful Video Director” in her workshop at the 2nd Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children. Ms. Livi started her workshop by showcasing some of her short films and trailers to the Southeast Asian children.

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The 2nd Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children 2018

SEAPJ Theme Song:
"A Brighter Horizon"

SEA Prix Jeunesse 2017

Southeast Asia Video Festival 2018 Finalists

Professional Non-Fiction Under 7 Years Old

Kid Kuwento – Philippines

Kid Kuwento is a show that focuses on teaching literacy and good values to children. In this episode, Teacher Sally talks about how everyone can be a hero by doing good, being kind, and helping others. The episode features interviews from children around the world regarding what a hero means to them, who they consider as a hero, and how they can be a hero to others. The episode also features a special video entitled “Elena” that talks about a woman who is considered a hero by her family as she sacrifices so much for them as an Overseas Filipino Worker.


Thuy’s Older Sister – Viet Nam

The story talks of two siblings, Thuy and Van, who row their boat from their floating house all the way to land just to go to school every day. Due to their family’s financial condition, their parents decide to only have Thuy continue his studies. How will Van deal with his parents’ decision?

Professional Non-Fiction 8-12 Years Old

Saving the Thirteen – Thailand

June 23, 2018, marks the beginning of Thailand’s greatest search and rescue operation for 13 lives trapped in Tham Luang Cave – 13 boys from the Wild Boars Football Team. Eighteen days of the large-scale mission has led to many memorable events for the Thai people across the country. As for one of the Wild Boars boys, the most unforgettable moment for him was when he realized tremendous efforts had been made all over the world to bring all members of the team and their coach back home safely. It has left him a powerful impression that everyone is his family, and that everyone is his hero.


Khanh – Viet Nam

The video talks about two friends, Khanh and Canh, who are both 11 years old and live in Nghe An. Khanh and Canh have been classmates since their 1st Grade of school. Since Canh was paralyzed from early childhood, Khanh takes Canh to school on his back everyday to help him since he has trouble walking, and helps him to do other things as well. This is a heartwarming story about a helpful boy named Khanh, and his good friend Canh.

Professional Non-Fiction 13-17 Years Old

Walking without Legs – Malaysia

Zy Lee Kher was born in 2005 with only one complete limb and dislocated hip joints. His family was determined to see Zy grow up normally like most children, and for him to be able to walk on his own. Despites seeking medical help from more than 15 countries, things seemed impossible for Zy. Just when they thought that all hope is lost, they finally found the help they needed at Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany. Zy was able to walk successful using prosthetic limbs at the age of 2 years. Over the years Zy develops a keen interest in swimming and starts to train earnestly with his coach and hopes to represent Malaysia in international swimming championships.


Tri Le Teachers – Viet Nam

This is a story about the challenging journey and life of the teachers at Tri Le Primary School in the mountainous area of the Que Phong district, Nghe an province. The teachers have to travel a few dozen kilometers — at least 15 kilometers — just to get to the school. They do this almost every day although it is extremely difficult, dangerous and also time consuming. In addition to this, they even live in a place where there is no market, no clean water, no phone signal, no Internet and no place for medical aid; even the electricity is a luxury. Nevertheless these teachers stay for years to teach the Hmong students, for it is their passion to teach.

Professional Fiction Under 7 years old

The House of Little Scientists: Swallow Plants – Thailand

 The House Of Little Scientist program consists of 2 sections of children talking about science in each episode, and 3 sections of 3D animation stories that feature 4 characters (Kan, Keaw, Cat and Dragon) which are funny, entertaining and educational.
The program emphasizes how kids can have fun using the things around them and encourages them to think using science by observing, analyzing and experiencing it themselves. they have fun with their experiences and do the science experiments unconsciously. With the help of science, the children learn how to become more creative and imaginative.
In this episode the children learn about how the carnivorous plants eat bugs, and what kind of bugs they can eat. They observe the plant and analyze it from the inside to better understand the process of how the plant feeds on the bugs.


Warrior Dam Dong – Viet Nam

Dong and Pha, two brothers from a tranquil village in a mountainous area, love each other very much. When a cruel female demon comes and abduct people from the village and takes Pha away, this saddens Dong greatly. Missing his older brother, Dong decides to train very hard to kill the demon. He trains day and night for years just to prepare for the fight. After years of training, Dong venture out to kill the demon that abducted his older brother in hopes of saving him.

Professional Fiction 8-12 Years Old

The Girl and The Cat – Singapore

When an adventurous young girl is separated from her mother at a Singaporean night market, she meets the unlikeliest friends — a trio of cats who bring her deep into the underbelly of the bazaar where fantasy meets reality. But danger lurks in this new world and our heroine will need to rely not just on her new feline friends, but also on her courage if she is to survive and find a way back to her mother.


Run Aon Run – Thailand

Aon is a small boy who is often bullied by his friends, especially Jack the gang leader. Aon could do nothing but run. One day, he meets a mysterious man who saves him from his bullies. The man invites Aon to join a race and proposes that he coaches Aon in the race. Aon, though reluctant at first, agrees to the man’s proposal in hopes of outrunning his bullies. Aon’s training with the mysterious man helps him increase his speed significantly, but on the day of the race, Aon trips and falls just before reaching the finish line. Instead of winning he even finished last in the race. This disappoints Aon greatly and he decides to quit running. Not long after, he even face is a difficult decision. Will Aon be able to stand up for himself and continue running?

Professional Fiction 13-17 Years Old

Wansapanataym: Jasmin’s Flower Power – Philippines

The story talks of a life of a flower farmer named Dahlia Miraflores who is very kind to people and the environment. A fairy named Fairy Bonggang Villa rewards her with a power, and Dahlia becomes the caretaker of a powerful necklace, the Floramajica. Oscar, a rich heir of Hacienda Miraflores, witnessed the event and decides to make evil plans. Soon afterwards, Oscar and Dahlia get married and are blessed with beautiful twin daughters, Rose and Daisy. What will happen to them, and will Oscar’s evil plans succeed?


Whoopie’s World – Singapore

Adapted from Adeline Foo’s ‘Whoopie Lee: Almost Famous Book – In the competition for the Outstanding Pupil Award, Mei helps best friend, Dhana, to square off against two new kids, Michael and Ashley. Amidst quarrels and betrayals, what will take to win votes? Is it being popular and talented, or having integrity and the right character values? By the end of the season, these kids will learn what it means to be a true Outstanding Role Model.


Me and My Dancing Brother – Myanmar

Mandalay is the last royal capital of Myanmar. The city is considered as the center of culture as well the main commercial, educational and health center of upper Myanmar. Mandalay is Burma’s cultural and religious center of Buddhism, having numerous monasteries and pagodas. This is a true story about young and talented twins from Mandalay. The elder twin is a bit shy and quiet, and looks up his younger twin as a role model, who is a smart and a fast learner when it comes to dancing. Both of them love and cherish Myanmar’s cultural dance and music. With the support of their loving mother, they become confident and follow their dreams with strong determination.


Kapteyn – Philippines

“Kapteyn” is a 4 minute short fiction inspired by a true story from San Simon, Pampanga, Philippines. The story is about the life of a young boy named Tonyo who works as a sailor in their community. His means of transportation is called the “dalakit”, which is a small boat. Although young, Tonyo is strong despite of his life struggles. The film revolves around the life of an inspiring young hero and reveals that everyone can be a hero in their own little way.

Children’s Category Under 12 Years Old

Heroes in My Life – Myanmar

The film follows the daily life of a young schoolgirl, and how she learns and emulates the scarce Myanmar traditional culture and environmental issues from her grandparents’ daily lifestyle.


Children’s Category 13-15 Years Old

My Mom My Hero – Lao PDR

The life of the boy, he only has his mother. She does everything to take good care of her son — from cleaning the house, to cooking the food, washing the dishes, and many other things a caring mother would do. Though she is blind, she works hard day and night to take good care of her son, and that is why although he gets teased because of her condition, he is very proud to have her as his mother — that is why she is his hero.


A Secret Dreamer – Myanmar

Pyae Sone Htun is a twelve-year-old boy and an only child. His mother travels regularly because of her work, so he spends most of his time with his father. His father U Htun Htun is a very strict person, and worries about his son’s education. Pyae Sone Htun is more interested in playing piano than his school lessons, and believes that his father does not care about his dream. When Pyae Sone Htun and his father get into an argument concerning his studies, he finally starts to understand his father better.

Children’s Category 16-18 Years Old

Smile – Myanmar

When you think of a hero, you would automatically think of someone who has supernatural powers, which isn’t something that normal person has. So naturally, it is not possible for someone to change or control someone’s way of thinking or behavior. But this old man could somehow do just that by changing the way his boy thinks — by helping him and teaching him to think positive and the smile. That what makes him a true hero; the hero who has the power of making others think positive and smile.


Super Guro – Philippines

Teachers are among the underpaid professionals in the Philippines. In spite of challenges and hardships in delivering basic education to the youth. they still manage to be strong and continue their duties and responsibilities. This short film shows the devotion of a teacher on his chosen career. He crosses muddy puddles, and experiences heat and rain every morning on his way to the school. But in spite of this routine, no one ever sees him complain because of this determination to impart knowledge and to be a role model for the children. That is why he is not just a teacher, but an extraordinary SUPERTEACHER.

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